Values, Strategy, Vision and Mission

Values, Strategy, Vision and Mission

United Bankers provides its clients with investment products and services that are based on long-term experience and expertise.



United Bankers' operations are guided by three core values.

Customer orientation

Our customer orientation is based on understanding our customers’ wishes and goals. The high level of our expertise is reflected in finding solutions that meet each customer’s current needs.The customer experience is created by high-quality encounters both in person and online.



Agility stands for quick and efficient decision-making processes that also enable us to take advantage of the opportunities on the market. We want to continuously develop our products and services, and the supporting systems and functions behind them.


Team spirit

We at UB are a team. It means that each and everyone of us play an important role in reaching our common goals. Standing behinds our words and deeds is the basis for mutual trust, which is the core of long lasting customer relationships.


Growth strategy

  • We build long-term customer relationships and strive to exceed our customers’ expectations

  • We are innovative in creating unique top-quality services and products

  • We strengthen our dedicated team of experts

  • We ensure success by focusing on sustainability

  • We utilize modern technology to further improve client experience and operational efficiency

  • We grow our business organically and through acquisitions

  • We concentrate on scalable and recurring revenue businesses


United Bankers aims to grow its business activity and result, and thereby the value of the company over a long time period. In addition, the company aims to provide its customers with professional and reliable services in both of its business areas: asset management and capital markets services. In asset management, the group specializes in real asset investments which include real estate and forestry funds in addition to real estate and infrastructure equity funds.   


The company’s aspiration is to increase customer assets through solutions tailored to customers’ individual goals and preferences. United Bankers serves both private and institutional clients. Furthermore, United Bankers' goal is to continuously develop the quality of products and services, thus maintain high customer satisfaction. United Bankers strives to provide a broad product and service portfolio, utilizing various market situations and internal synergies.


To be the leading Nordic alternative investment manager and the most trusted partner to our clients


Building wealth in a responsible way