Forest has an exceptional return profile, as the growth of the stand is independent of business cycles and many other factors that typically affect the return on investments.
Kari Kangas, Portfolio Manager, UB Timberland

Timberland is an attractive and stable asset class, which offers a perfect complement to a wide range of investment portfolios. An investment in forestry is also an ideal way to diversify the risks inherent in a portfolio, as its correlation with the stock market is relatively low.


The distinct strengths of UB’s forestry asset management team are a proprietary investment process and a profound understanding of the professional management of forest properties. To achieve the best available risk adjusted return on investment, a thorough and systematic analysis and valuation of individual forest properties is the foundation of UB's forestry asset management team.


The goal is to optimise the return on investment over time and to ensure a sustainable, stable biological growth of the forest as well as stable yields over time. A fundamental requirement in order to achieve these objectives is that each asset acquisition is based on a professionally implemented forest procurement process.

Forest properties offer a positively distinct way to complement an investment portfolio


• Forestry yields are currently very competitive and improve the risk-reward characteristics of the broader investment portfolio.


• Forest properties exhibit a low correlation with the return of many other asset classes, which improves portfolio diversification and reduces volatility.


• Forest properties are real assets, which maintain their value, both during times of inflation and economic crises. Compared to several other investments, this means a better protection of the value of these assets over the economic cycle.


• The yield characteristics of forest properties are exceptional, because the growth of trees is independent of the market factors typically influencing investment returns.


• Global population growth and increasing environmental awareness increase demand for renewable, sustainable and user-friendly materials such as wood and pulp-based fibres.


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